8 Item Checklist To Evaluate Backlink Quality

Backlink is one of the important factors for SEO. You should get backlinks from quality websites to enrich your site with original content. However, the backlink structure should be of a certain quality. We are sharing a 6-item backlink checklist to ensure that this process is of high quality.

1 | Website Topical Relevance.
If the site you’re getting a link from is about cooking and your website is about digital marketing, then the backlink won’t have much of an impact.

2 | Page Topical Relevance. The same goes for the page where the backlink is placed.

An article about accounting linking to a gambling website won’t have much impact.

3 | DA/DR. Yes, DA and DR are third-party metrics and can’t usually be trusted.

That said, they’re super useful for understanding a backlink’s value at a glance.

Of course, you should also look at other metrics mentioned in this checklist.

4 | Website Traffic & Rankings. What’s a better way to check if a website is in Google’s good graces than looking at its own rankings?

If a site drives organic traffic, then that’s definitely a green flag.

5 | Traffic Trends. Is the website growing in traffic or have they been penalized?

If there’s a sharp decline in site traffic, that’s a red flag. (see attached image for reference)

6 | Page Metrics. Does the page you’re building a link to have its own backlinks?

Ideally, the answer should be yes, but this is not a deal-breaker.

If the rest of the metrics are OK, you shouldn’t particularly worry about this.

7 | Whether the Site Is a Link Farm.

A backlink farm is a type of website specifically created to sell backlinks.

Such sites use sketchy tactics to inflate their DA/DR metrics, making themselves look like good backlink prospects.

If a site is all bad content, AVOID.

8 | Is the Backlink Do-Follow & Not Sponsored?

More often than not, Google does not consider no-follow or sponsored links when it comes to evaluating a site’s ranking.

If you can get such a link for free, great. Otherwise, not worth it.

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