7 Principles That Will Underpin The Trends Of 2024

Basically, rapid factors such as sociological and social developments, technology and artificial intelligence, which is the trend of the last period, trigger the behaviour of individuals and societies as a whole and determine trends. In these situations, brands have to maintain their positions and continue their development by adapting to trends. In the process of this necessity, you need to determine where and how to position your brand and maintain it consistently with discipline. To give you an idea about this, we have briefly compiled 7 principles that will be the starting point of trends in 2024.

Be a Good Brand

You cannot start trends by asking, “There is such a wind, how can I benefit from it?” If you have no wings, you will fall to the ground in that wind. Like the wind, you have to have wings to benefit from trends. In turn, you should jump into the trend winds with your wings ready. You must have ensured the integrity of your brand. Trends are increasingly becoming trends that only good brands, only brands with integrity, can benefit from. From the way you produce to the values you stand for, from your stance on the world’s problems to your role model value, brands that are good brands have the right to have a say in the new world. As the purpose of the brand shifts from transaction to being a good citizen of the world, brands naturally become politicised (not to be confused with politicisation). Every brand has responsibilities, messages and positions it can take on social and global issues.

Multi-layered Brands

Traditionally, we define ourselves in certain sectors. Some brands are fashion brands, some are retail brands, some are tourism brands. We think of ourselves within the boundaries of the sector and see the competition and the customers within that framework. But innovation and the real game are now being played on new levels. For example, what is your brand at the emotional level? Are you in the fear market, the security market or the happiness market? Or on a social level, are you part of the crisis market or the elderly market? Sector boundaries are blurring. For example, a fashion brand can use smart sensors to monitor a person’s health. Can a brand that only sees itself in the fashion industry engage in such activities? Open your eyes and define your market from different levels.

Alliance Brands

At the dizzying pace of technology, even the world’s biggest brands are unable to respond alone and are turning to alliances. On the other hand, almost everything seems to be solved in terms of problems that any brand can solve alone, and growth opportunities are solving the world’s big problems. And the world’s big problems will not be solved alone, often not by a single sector. In our thinking, we need to move away from the perspective of ‘our brand’ and ‘our brand positioning’. It is now about “value chains”, “alliances” or “platforms”. The new competitive advantage of brands will be ease of collaboration, comprehensibility and alliances (the number of coalitions and collaborations).

Brands With Unifying Value

The increasing polarisation of the world, the closing of national value chains, anti-refugee sentiments, nationalist policies and rising geopolitical tensions will lead to serious changes in the position and importance of brands. In a sea, if the temperature of the seawater or the currents change, the fish cannot stay the same. They have to adapt to new behaviours. A similar situation and uncertainty applies to brands today. One value that stands out in this new climate is unity. To take a food brand as an example, let’s say a prominent value of a food brand is taste. In the new era, the power of that food brand to bring people together around a table will be its prominent value. In the face of people’s increasing loneliness and anxiety, the ability of brands to provide them with a bond and to bring people together through the brand will become important values.

Brands As Information

The use of artificial intelligence and the search for digital transformation are among the main agendas of brands. The main mentality revolution is not possible with the question “How can we use information (artificial intelligence, digital)?”, but with the question “How can we become information, merge with this world, become a connection in this world? For example, most transactions in the new world are done by machines and algorithms. You may have a brand, but if your brand does not have an API, if you do not have a connection to speak the same language with algorithms, you are out of the game in this world. Or your brand perception is increasingly encoded. Although it is limited now, in a few years artificial intelligence will be making comments and preferences about your brand. You will be perceived in such a way that artificial intelligence recognises you and artificial intelligence codes you. Eventually, when you see yourself as information, issues such as learning products, learning experiences, personalisation of every experience, collection of data from every experience will become visible.

Synthetic Brands

I derive the concept of synthetics from the financial market. In the financial market there are different versions of a value. There are different financial engineering products, such as debt securities, which are backed by its value, the right to buy or sell it at a certain price in the future. Let’s take, for example, a mine, which is a commodity. There are many synthetic versions of this mine on the financial markets (option bonds, synthetic mines, etc.). So there is a mine. There are different synthetic forms of the mine that can be traded in different markets. Again, in the world of brands, it is these synthetic faces of brands where the value is created and where the trend is. The world of the brand itself is already saturated and already experiencing competition. As in the financial markets, synthetic versions of the brand and its value proposition exist in different worlds. Synthetic states of the brand can be its financial aspects (purchase rights, second-hand markets…), its insurance states (purchase guarantee, lowest price guarantee, mileage sale…), its digital states (NFT of brands, digital twin of products). Brand innovations are synthetic…

Imitation Of Brands

The fastest way to break down in today’s world is to look at the world with the “brand house” perspective that we often use in the marketing world. When we see our brand as a house, we imagine that we are on protected, solid ground and we assume that the world revolves around us. This is the same perspective as the medieval belief that the sun revolves around the earth. However, it is more accurate to think of brands as surfboards or ships trying to navigate in the wavy ocean of popular culture. Focusing on the waves of popular culture and managing how to engage with them is the recipe for success in the new world. Understanding the waves of popular culture, being aware of and following trends and trending topics (such as TikTok) is becoming the main function of brand management. The next question is how brands will respond to these waves. Brands should develop their infrastructures (reflexes, personalisation infrastructures) to respond to these trends. To give a simple example, if a new cultural theme emerges, Lego can make a Lego set of that theme. What your brand can do should be the main theme of your brand.

After all, in the world of popular culture, success is how much you are imitated. It is how much you are the subject of popular culture and how much you are talked about. The reach measurements of the traditional world will be ineffective in this world.

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