Low CPC AdSense List 2024

Today, we will focus on the list of low CPC in Adsense and tips on how to increase your Adsense earnings and raise your CPC rate. Recently, we had shared a guide on 12 Google Adsense Confirmation Number Tricks for Blog or Website and easy methods on How to Upload Ads.txt File for Adsense for WordPress and Blogspot blogs.

Earning with Google AdSense is actually quite easy and remember that it depends on the implementation of adverts on our blog and the traffic of our blog site. I get a lot of complaints from my friends on Facebook about how they can’t earn with Google Adsense.

This has resulted in some of them joining Facebook groups and clicking on their adverts and some even clicking on their adverts, which has led to their Adsense account being banned.

Rather than joining such groups leading to your Adsense account getting banned, today I am going to share with you some untold tips on how I increased my Adsense CPC rate and increased my Adsense revenues.

Low CPC adverts are a major problem that reduces your blog’s Adsense earnings and reduces your earnings. Follow the guide below on how to block low CPC ads in Adsense using this Adsense low CPC list to increase your Adsense earnings.

Firstly : Download Low CPC AdSense List 2024

Step 1: Log-in to your AdSense Account.

Step 2: Download Adsense low CPC List Below. Open Your Adsense Account.

Step 3: Click On Allow & Block Ads

Enter Adsense low CPC list which You download

Now Click On Block.

And periodically make additions to these blocks; block cheap adverts 🙂

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