What is Stars Arena and How to Register?

New technologies and concepts continue to enter the blockchain ecosystem every day, and new developments are taking place. The new trend is SocialFi platforms.

After Friend.tech, which was launched on the Base network and currently has a TVL value (total locked assets) of $49 million, a similar project was launched on the Avalanche network. Called Stars Arena, you can join the platform by connecting with Twitter.

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Interest in StarsArena is growing rapidly…

Users who sign up for Stars Arena can sell shares of their own profile, buy shares of other people’s profiles and unload them at any time.

Although Stars Arena has just been launched, it has now crossed the $ 500,000 TVL band and ranks 7th among social media dApps.

I recommend joining StarsArena to share content and follow accounts with high followers. You can make money by buying shares of new users at low value and selling them at high value after a while.

In addition, users who become members with your reference link will contribute to your account.

And most likely AirDrop will be made. You can benefit from airdrop by registering.

As TrendHub.net, we will continue our posts on Stars Arena from now on. Follow us on StarsArena

When registering on the platform, you can log in via our reference link to benefit from the advantages; our reference link.

The user with the highest share value on the platform at the moment is K A L E O, with 1 share worth about 58 AVAX. The second name is Emin Gün Sirer, founder and CEO of Ava Labs. Emin Gün Sirer’s 1 share is worth approximately 53 AVAX.

Have a great earnings…

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