Workout regime for staying fit without curbing your diet

Workout regime for staying fit without curbing your diet; When you are foodie and want to stay fit, there is no other way but exercise. However controlling your diet is important to for ensuring you stay fit. However some workout regime allows you to binge at times in your favorite fast food. These workouts are perfect for staying fit and healthy.


We all love to eat and there are hardly people who are not foodie. However binging on every type of food you get can lead to obesity over the years. It is important to maintain your fitness by exercising every day at least for half an hour. These are some exercise you can include in your daily workout regime to stay slim and built your fitness level.


To do a plant, lie down on the gym mat on your tummy. Then keeping your arms in parallel to your body and head, lift your body from toe to head keeping the pressure on your arms and toes. Ensure your entire body is in parallel to the floor. Hold this position as long as you can. If you are a beginner, 30 second is good enough. With time try and hold this position for minutes at a stretch. There are variations of this position as well and it works mainly to build your hip muscles, biceps and abs.



This is a great workout for reducing your tummy. Stand straight and then put forward one foot, bend that leg at right angle such that your thigh is parallel to the floor and at the same time keep the other leg completely straight. Take two small weights in your hand and as you bend your leg simultaneously lift the weight simply by bend your arms at your elbow. Does this circuit alternately with each leg as many times as you can?