Top 5 New Features in Photoshop Mid-2023

It’s getting harder to follow the agenda. It is important to use summary videos. For example, a video summarising the new Photoshop features coming in 2023 reduces clutter and provides quick access to information. Keeping up with updates to complex software like Photoshop can be time-consuming and challenging. But overview videos help us stay on top of things by making it easier to discover what’s new.

These videos are useful for anyone who wants to keep up with fast and complex developments in general, not just Photoshop features. As we live in a fast-paced world, overview videos save us time by presenting us with developments instantly. This way we can easily access important information, such as learning about the new Photoshop features that will be released in 2023.

If you spend 2 hours a week watching the Hub without interruption, you can learn and improve in your area of interest.

Let’s take a look at the key innovations in Photoshop Mid-2023 (Version 24.5 & 24.6)

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