Tips for having more beautiful nails

You want your fingernails to be beautiful, but do not have enough time or money for a manicure? Do not despair, by building your own beauty salon in your home, you can get the beautiful look you desire in a short time.
Experts also point out that it is very important to do day care so that the nails are not damaged, broken and especially not smoking badly. In this article, we will tell you the best tips for beautiful nails.

Suggestions to improve the appearance of nails

You may like your nails in their natural state. You may be constantly coloring them, or changing their colors according to the clothes you wear. Whichever you are doing, you should at least meet your needs at a basic level. These suggestions can easily be applied at home. They do not have to go to the beauty salon.

By following these recommendations, you will have beautiful and healthy nails.

Moisturizing: After you wash your hands, you should cream every time without exception. This will prevent your skin from drying out and moisten your fingernails to make them stronger and healthier. This is also a good preparation for the cold months when the nails will be constantly in the glove and exposed to hot water. In summer, you should protect your fingernails from sunlight and chlorinated pool water.

Raspberries: Never use nail scissors unless you want to cut it to the root. Instead, you can bring your fingernails to the length you want with the help of a rasp, a square or a round. The risk of breaking your fingernails at this point also goes away.

Preparation: It is very important that you use a protective base before applying the nail polish. If you forget this, your nails will be yellow, dry and lifeless. For this reason, the substances in the rinse-aid do not allow the nail to breathe. You can find the nail bases in every cosmetic box. The nail contains some transparency, as well as aloe vera, a nutrient for nails, calcium and vitamins E. The rinse is easier to drive when you use the base because the surface of the nail is smoother.

Renew: Do not cut nail top skin. Because it can cause infection. It has special oils and creams that are produced to get the upper skin. Carefully push back with the help of a manicure bar.

Note: Women often use a face or hair mask, but often forget their fingernails. You can massage your hands with Vaseline while watching television. Wear gloves while you sleep at night, after thoroughly kissing your hands. From the morning you will start to see the effects: soft hands and beautiful nails.