Things To Consider After The Hair Transplant

The hair transplant is completed in a period of 6-7 hours, it is necessary to adjust the hair follicles individually to the area in which they are sown and to grow for a period of one year.

During this period, the person of a hair transplant is expected to pay attention to some important points. What after a hair transplant? What needs to be done to adjust the implanted hair in the new area? Which rules does a hair transplant of individuals require after surgery?

The First 5 Days After A Hair Transplant Are Very Important

After a successful hair transplant, the patient is discharged on the same day.

It is not necessary for the person who has undergone a hair transplant to remain for observation.

However, there are some points that these people should pay attention to when they return to their daily lives. The patient is informed about the rules to be followed during the first 5 days.

Although a hair transplant is considered a simpler procedure compared to the human body, such as organs such as heart, brain, kidneys and lungs. In addition, individual hair follicles are examined one by one during this process and the treated area is at the top, which is considered the most risky part of the human body. In these details it is clear that the hair transplant operation is important in terms of method and no rules.

Because the hair transplant process is performed by local anesthesia, the patient who is conscious during the operation can be discharged on the same day. The patient is expected to protect this area against impact and other harmful factors. The person who quickly returns to his daily life should never wash his hair during this process and should avoid sports or heavy physical activities that deplete and weaken the body. After the first five days, patients may wear a hat if they are not tight. Moreover, people with hair transplantation should not have sexual intercourse in the first 5 days. Compliance with these rules is very important to ensure that the follicles are healed in a healthy way and that there is no negative effect.

Daily Life After The First Week Of Hair Transplantation

The points considered in the hair transplant process are not only related to the healing of the implanted grafts. At the same time, there are rules that need to be followed to ensure that sown transplants become healthy in good conditions and complete their development. Before we go through these rules, we need to talk about the general functioning of the human body. Our body continues its development through various vitamins and minerals. In order to preserve the basic functions of the body, it is important to guarantee food and sleep activities in a cyclic manner. A healthy and balanced diet enables the cells to maintain their activities in a healthy way. If the needed vitamins and minerals are provided, such as an extension itself, the grafts will have the ability to recover. Our hair grows through the follicles that form the hair roots in the order words.

The areas where the hair is planted and the hair follicles are removed are sensitive during this process and must be protected against shocks. After the first week, the skin rash in this area can be observed. These are very normal and form the first phase of the healing process.

One day after the operation, the dressing is applied to the treated area and the first wash is performed by a doctor.

Washing must be done very well, slowly and carefully. In the same way, the parts of the hair follicles should be carefully dried and no effort should be made. In addition, the patient must continue to use the antibiotics regularly until the doctor determines when to stop.

The Results After The Hair Transplant

To have the hair sown, there is still a year to go, hair transplant centers can follow the monthly and weekly development of their patients and follow the process and prepare detailed research for the pre-post.

There is no obstacle for patients to photograph themselves. If you want a hair transplant, you can have an idea by looking at our website or instagram profile and examining each image of our previous patients.

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