Things Needed To Do Makeup

Now and then I aspire to have a perfect look like a movie star. I think every woman wants or feels the same now and then. The secret behind the onscreen beauties is a makeup kit and an expert makeup artist. You don’t need makeup artists for your daily office or small party makeups. If you have a proper makeup kit, you can easily learn to do your make of your own in your house. I also rarely go to parlors for makeup. I prefer do the makeup of my own.

Here I am telling you about the various things needed to do makeup for the party and at the office.

For makeup base

Before applying any makeup, wash your face with a good face wash or mild scrub to remove dirt and oil from your face skin. Use a good quality moisturizer after you wash your face.

  • Primer

Primer minimizes pores and acts as a smooth base for your makeup. You can skip this part if you have flawless skin, but if you have even a small imperfection, this fabulous product will make you look amazing.


  • Foundation

There are various kinds of foundation available in the market as per different skin type and color shades. Select foundation color shade matching to your face skin tone. Never buy too light or too dark shade compare to your natural face color.

There are many ways to apply foundation, namely using your fingertips, brush or damp sponge. I prefer to use damp sponge; it is very easy to use.


  • Compact or translucent powder

A light dusting of compact powder sets your makeup and control face shine. You can apply it using brush or soft pad inside compact powder box.