The Most Common AI Applications For Your Business

Every day, new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are emerging, and these AI tools are improving themselves. We have compiled for you the most common AI applications for your business.

AI tools can be used in many areas of businesses, such as customer service, data analysis, marketing, production, and automation of business processes. For example, customer service departments can answer customers’ questions using AI-powered chatbots, while data analysis departments can analyze business data using machine learning and data mining tools. Additionally, production processes and supply chain management can be made more effective through the use of AI tools.

Generate dozens of divergent ideas

AI business validator for any idea

Validate your business idea

Synthetic User
User research with AI participants

AI-Powered user research platform

Automated summaries of user reviews

Userdoc AI
AI-driven user personas, journeys and requirements

Ask Viable
Automate your qualitative data analysis

AI for social listening and other customer data

Design stunning mockups in minutes

Build a website in 30 seconds

AI-powered tools directly in Figma

AI assistan for software developers

Github Co-pilot
Your AI pair programmer

Create product concept from text prompts

Stable Diffosiun
Create product concepts ( also as photoshop plugin)

See your drawings come to life in seconds

Create automatic pro quality product photography

AI-assisted decision making

Custom business dashborads through enterprise AI

ChatGPT inside Google Sheets

Make presentation with click of the button

Create and execute marketing plan with AI

Ad creatives and social media post with AI

Predict customer responses and behavior in seconds

Create any type of marketing content

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