The 10 Most Valuable Artificial Intelligence Tools to Boost Your Productivity

In today’s fast-paced world, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer for businesses and individuals looking to increase productivity. The use of AI tools such as chatbots, machine learning platforms, natural language processing, speech recognition, and recommendation engines, among others, can help automate repetitive tasks, analyze data more efficiently, and provide personalized insights, ultimately boosting productivity. By leveraging the power of AI, individuals and businesses can streamline their day-to-day activities, make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead of the curve. The 10 most valuable AI tools discussed in this article can help increase productivity across various industries, making it easier to identify patterns, trends, and opportunities for growth.

1. Krisp AI
An AI-powered noise cancellation app that turns off background noise in real-time calls, such as zoom meetings, with just one click.

2. Gamma AI
A GPT-4 powered application that can create compelling presentation decks in minutes.

With Gamma you can create engaging presentations, notes, summaries and documents that are easy to discuss live or share asynchronously.

3. Perplexity for IPhone
Perplexity is a search app that provides instant answers and cited resources on any topic.

You can learn and explore faster than ever with the following:
– Follow-up questions
– Voice search
– Topic history and more.

4. Background AI
An AI-powered tool for creating realistic, studio-quality backgrounds, drawings and portraits in seconds.

5. Taskade AI
An AI-powered team organizer to simplify the way your team works.

It helps you distribute work among team members to get things done faster and smarter.
– Manage Tasks
– Organize data using mind maps
– Chat with the team and write notes

6. Kickresume AI
This AI tool helps you get 5x more job interviews

With the AI-powered Resume builder, you can automate your resume creation process.

7. Stability AI
Photoshop’s AI plugin powered by Stable Diffusion.

It helps you create, edit and iterate AI images directly within Photoshop.

8. Huberman AI
Andrew Huberman hosts the world’s most downloaded health podcast.

But there are 100s of episodes and it’s hard to find exactly what health advice you’re looking for.

Huberman AI helps you find the advice you’re looking for by asking a question.

9. Slides AI
Create beautiful slides and attractive presentations in seconds with AI.

10. Uizard
True innovation is indistinguishable from magic – that’s how Uizard feels.

Draw your idea on a piece of paper and watch Uizard turn the scan into a beautiful design in seconds.

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