Recommendations for Hair Transplantation

10 Days Post Op

10 Days Post Op

Hair loss can be predominantly racial, and can be caused by social factors such stress or nutritional status.

Nowdays , it is possible to reach a strong and natural hair with the developing medical facilities , You can reach your wanted hair in 6 months.

For the hair transplantation , first of all , make a hair analysis by an expert , for the spilling hair, if the hair continues to fall , it is useful to take comments about the process.

If a high amount of spilling countinues , it is better to keep the hair transplantaion in a while , and you should contact an expert for an advice.

You should work with a good clinic because hair tansplantation needs good experts and developed technological equipments. A good hair transplant specialist and expert , well followed clinic are the important factors for the success of a hair transplantation .

Sometimes, even the follicles are healthy , it can be an inefficient result . İn order to do this, The hair transplantation must be done by an expertise expert. The Clinic where the operation is performed should have both experince and technological infrastructure.

After doing the operation , You should fully follow the advices given by the expert, and you must perform the procedure.

For hair transplantation , you should have a hair-cut before , this may cause discomfort of some people, but they have to ignore it. You can make a hair transplantation without worrying about the comments you will see or hear .

After transferring the hair , some symptoms at the head can countinue for 2 months, But be sure that after 6 months , you will have a healthy bushy hair . So trust your self !

Hair loss can be normal , but the biggest cause is stress and nutritional status in daily life. You should pay attention not just to hair, also your health , Healthy food and stress-free , can bea good advantage for your hair.

Hair is important for appearance, hair gives confidence and impoves the quality of life .

4 Methods used in the hair transplant
– FUE Hair Transplant Turkey
Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant
– DHI Hair Transplant

With DHI Method : hair transplant without shaving