Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics

To have a beautiful nose without surgery.
Aesthetic for nose or Rhinoplasty ; is suitable for persons above 18 years old, for
every patient who does not have any obstacle can undergo this surgery. Nasal
fillings are another popular option those persons who are afraid of nose Aesthetic ,
this method may be satisfied with nasal shapes .

What is nose filling?
If there are small dents or deformities, nose filling may be the right choice if you
have a small protruding nose. Botox or filling is applied to the special areas that
have been determined to improve the desired visualization on the patients nose.
Normally these procedures are used with injections to treat wrinkles and unwanted
lines. These injections can also be used in the unwanted projections of the nose.
The treatment lasts about 15-20 minutes and the patient can immediately return to
his / her social life. No fillers with different components are used for filling the

What are the results which can not be obtained with the nose filling ?
For the patients who wish to narrow or shorten the size of their nose, this procedure
is not suitable and can not be tested. A nose surgery will be the best option if the
actual shape and size of the nose must be changed completely.

Is it possible to reduce the size of the nose with the filling?
Reduction process actually means creating an illusion, not every nose will be
suitable for this operation. Thats why a pre-examination is performed to analyze
your nasal shape before the procedure. Then your plastic surgeon makes a design
for the procedure. In clinical conditions, your nose is numbed with medical
creams.The filler is then injected at the predetermined points. No pain, no marks,
no scars left, no bruises. You can easily return to your daily routine.

What is the Retention time of Nasal filler?
The durability of the fillings, which are accepted as healthy, varies between 4-18
months. It is inconvenient to use products that do not melt long. You may
encounter the unexpected results when using these products; There may be no
return if you regret that the melting time may not be as expected. For this reason, it
is very important that the product used for the nasal filling is a soluble product and
that a known filler is preferred. For the products that are not known and have a
durability of 5-10 years, are not reliable and should not be believed. Today, the
world’s most preferred and best-known refill brands do not produce filler with a

durability of more than 18 months. This is a condition that is completely related to
the health of the patient.

Is there any side effects by the nose filling ?
As with facial fillings, different brands and products is available in the nose fill.
Among these, the most common and the most reliable one is the hyaluronic acid
derivatives. It does not harm your skin after ingestion and it is not inconvenient to
make it again after it melts. All possible side effects of facial fillings apply to the
nose fill. Allergic reaction, bleeding, infection, and granuloma formation are
included in these complications. The important point to be aware of here is that the
rate of complications is low enough in experienced hands and when used appropriately.

Who is suitable for the nose filling?
Nose filling should be performed by a qualified surgeon who is experienced in
nasal anatomy and nasal aesthetics. Otherwise, undesirable results may occur .

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