Health Benefits of Quince

Quince, as well as being very delicious, vitamins and mineral deposits, health and beauty also provides important contributions to our.

It can contribute to the skin’s youthfulness by giving it a sense of satiety, strengthening the hair, protecting it from the stomach-intestinal disease, and being able to use it very much. So that 100 grams contains only 40 calories. Quince leaf contains more phenolic compounds than itself and shell. For this reason, it is also valid for the leaves. Therefore, drying your special quince leaves and consuming them as tea in winter months can benefit both your taste and your health.

It contributes to weight loss
Quince glycemic index is a low fruit, so your blood sugar does not increase very quickly. So if you have diabetes or are on a diet you can easily choose to sleep. Quince also helps you to weaken by extending the toughness of your toughness thanks to the fibrous structure you prefer at meals. If you are looking for a sweet alternative to diet, you can prepare delicious desserts by boiling or baking the mojito. However, you should pay attention to the size of the Quince. The portion of the Quince is about half the size of the large Quince.

Strengthens the immune system
It is contributing to the strengthening of your immune system thanks to the C vitamins and phytochemicals in the Quince content. Quince protects your body against pathogens, viruses and bacteria by meeting 4 times 1 of your daily vitamin C needs. You can use 2 or 3 portions (depending on your needs) of the fruit you prefer during the day.

It helps to prolong hair
The quince, which is rich in minerals such as iron, copper and zinc, helps to transport more oxygen to the hair’s lower extremity with its increased blood circulation as well as strengthening the hair and helping the prolongation.

The skin is helping you stay young
The iron, copper and zinc minerals required for the production of red blood cells are in good proportion.

Prevents bad breath
Quince anti-bacterial feature prevents the multiplication of many microorganisms in the body. It destroys the bacteria in the mouth and exacerbates bad smell of breath.