Hair Transplant Without Shaving With DHI Method

DHI Hair Transplant Method For Men

Successfully applied hair transplantation methods provide unshaved hair transplantation.

After hair transplantation, unshaved hair transplantation is a good alternative for those who have problems in the recovery process.
In all methods, the donor area (nape) needs to be hair follicles removed by shaving. However, the bald area can be transplanted without it.

Unshaved transplant can be implemented with two methods.
FUE Hair Transplant: Limited number
DHI Hair Transplant: Maximum number

In the FUE method, only a limited number of unshaved hair transplantation is possible. Since the channels will be opened to place the hair in FUE, there should be no hair in the area to be transplanted. It is a method that can only be applied at the front, in the hairline location. A maximum of 2000 grafts can be transplanted. The classic FUE method is ideal for shaved hair transplantation and gives very good results.

Another method we are recommending is Hair Transplant Without Shaving Method:

In the DHI hair transplant method, channels are not opened, hair grafts placed with a special device developed for hair transplantation are injected into the bald area.

In the DHI method, unshaved hair transplantation can be performed on the whole part of the head.

DHI Hair Transplant Method For Women

With this method up to 6000 grafts, hair transplantation can be implemented. And it takes about 8 hours. In DHI Unshaved Hair Transplant Method, there is no scar on the head and after about 7 days the head heals and looks perfectly natural.

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