Get More vivid looks

Get more vivid looks: It is almost impossible to sleep for eight hours each day for one of us. The days we have been sleeping until late at night and we have not been able to get enough sleep, our tiredness is literally read from our eyes!

Whether you’ve watched the show all night or surfed in social media, you’ve forgotten the clock; The first time you have not slept last night will be reflected in your eyes. Here is the good news, you can get more vivid looks with a few makeup techniques.

Here are those makeup techniques;

Apply lighter to eye springs
Try to illuminate the fountains of the eye to draw away from the somewhat tired look. Apply the liquid illuminator to the inner corners of your eyes in a tiny spot. You can try a quality liquid illuminator for this.

Make your eyebrows more distinctive
Focus on your eyebrows, shaping and filling your eyebrows. By shaping your eyebrows, you will frame your eyes and get a brighter look. If the eyebrows are infrequent, fill the gaps between the eyebrows with the help of eyebrows. We recommend a quality eyebrow pen for this.

Comet eyeliner
Another thing you can do for more vivid looks is to take a comet eyelash. Take your black eyeliner and follow the steps below!
– With your eyeliner, pull a tiny line from the outer corners of your eyes towards the folding area of ​​the eyelids.
– Take a second line to the upper eyelash line, towards the end of the first line of the line.
– Draw a thin line outward from the inner corners of your eyes to the line of the upper eyelash line and fill in the empty space.
You can say hi to the thick black eyeliner! Complete the look by applying plenty of black mascara.

Illuminate under the eyes
Are you complaining about dark circles under the eyes that make you look tired? Apply apricot, close to salmon tones, and apply V-shaped sealer under the eyes. That is all.