Features of Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Glasses

Apple’s long-awaited Vision Pro mixed reality glasses were unveiled at WWDC 2023.

We have told you many times in the past that Apple is working on mixed reality glasses. Apple’s mixed reality glasses, which turned into a snake story, were unveiled today at WWDC 2023.

Apple’s mixed reality glasses were unveiled under the name Vision Pro. Vision Pro can be used in an integrated way with the user’s environment. Vision Pro, which can be used with your eyes, voice and hands, offers virtual and augmented reality together.

Vision Pro, which will not only be connected to the screen on it, will be able to use the area it is in as a screen thanks to its cameras. Vision Pro, which can also be used with the Digital Crown on it, does not use a physical controller, unlike its competitors.

Vision Pro, which can be used with your eyes, voice and hands instead of a physical controller, offers virtual and augmented reality together. Vision Pro is powered by Apple’s M2 and R1 chips. The cameras on the Vision Pro will allow users to create digital avatars of themselves. The name of Vision Pro’s operating system has been announced as visionOS.

With its two panels, Vision Pro offers a total of 23 million pixels. Vision Pro, which will offer a successful sound experience with its speakers, also has a camera and various sensors. These sensors include a LiDar and a TrueDepth camera.

With the EyeSight feature, it will be possible to see from the outside where your eyes are focused. When someone approaches, cameras and sensors activate to alert the user. Apple worked with Zeiss on the lens for Vision Pro. We should add that Vision Pro will be used by connecting it to the battery with a cable.

Vision Pro will also have rich application support. The applications in Vision Pro will also work integrated with applications in the Apple ecosystem. It will also be possible to use more than one application at a time with Vision Pro. Applications in Vision Pro can also be used in three dimensions. Vision Pro, which will be integrated with MacBook models, can also use Apple’s keyboard.

Vision Pro will also offer a spatial FaceTime experience. Photos and videos will be a new experience with Vision Pro. Vision Pro will provide a cinema-like experience by controlling the light while watching a film. It will also be possible to watch 3D videos with Vision Pro. Games on Apple Arcade can be played with Vision Pro. Vision Pro, which will be available next year, will cost $3,499.

Ideas of Apple Vision Pro

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