Factors Determining the Quality of a Hair Transplantation Center

You may have searched for a permanent solution for your hair loss problem and as a result of the research, you may have decided that hair transplantation is the most effective method.

Yes, the most definitive answer to your problem, which will bring you back to bushy and healthy hair is undoubtedly a hair transplant operation. Although a hair transplantation procedure may seem like requiring a small procedure, it is, in fact, a surgical operation.

These operations, which require many years of training and experience, should only be performed by doctors and health teams specialized in hair transplantation. It is more difficult than any operation to attempt to compensate for any mistake in hair transplantation.

You should be very selective in making decisions. It is because some people you watch on TV and who introduce themselves as professionals without medical education can threaten human health by making a harmful and permanent impact on you. Therefore, the best doctor and hair transplantation center combination should always be the most important criteria while taking the decision. In other words, the quality and reliability of a hair transplantation center is an important factor for a successful operation.

1- The most important factor in evaluating the quality of a hair transplantation center is that the hair transplantation operations should be performed by an experienced health care team and a professional who has medical education in hair transplantation. When hair transplantation is implemented by the right experts with the right conditions, it is an operation ensuring the healthiest hair with the natural look.

2- A hair transplant procedure cannot be considered separate from the medical field. Thus, performing the operations in the hospital environment in a correct and appropriate manner using the highest quality and modern devices and ability to apply its own method by following the developing technologies and the latest hair transplantation techniques worldwide.

3- In order to understand the quality of the clinic, a person considering hair transplantation will want to know how much his/her expectations will be met. Therefore, people will take the number of patients that the hair transplantation center has transplanted to date, the satisfaction rate and positive comments about hair transplantation as references.

4- It should not rely solely on hair transplant centers that try to convince you of showing the patients’ before and after pictures. Of course, it’s more important to see the patients who have hair transplantation face to face. You can choose hospitals and clinics where you can find this opportunity.

5- It is expected that a quality hair transplantation center provides international services with patients from different countries of the world while having experienced patient representatives who will provide interpreters and guidance support to their patients. establishing an effective connection between the patient and the healthcare team would enable the patient has a good experience and the doctor will work efficiently.

6- In addition to providing professional support and counseling to patients before the operation, informing patients fully about all medical and administrative procedures and treatments to be applied indicates that the clinic is able to communicate effectively with the patient and always avoid a problem arising from misunderstanding.

7- A quality hair center should record all the patient’s information, such as the number of grafts to be transplanted, the areas to be transplanted, the patient’s allergies or the use of medication, in full and in a safe way, in the electronic patient registration and follow-up systems.

8- During the physical examination, it is very important to make the correct diagnosis by performing medical hair analysis and various tests, to determine the suitability of the hair transplantation and to be informed of this situation if there is a risk.

9- The fact that the hair transplantation center regularly checks the operation results of the patients who have undergone hair transplantation and the establishment of long-term professional relationships are the most important indicators of the importance given to the patients.

10- A clinic knowing the importance of the safety of patient and employee takes the necessary precautions and shows the same care in providing hygienic conditions. To give an example; all medical devices used in operations should be sterilized and used exclusively for that patient.

In conclusion,
We recommend you keep all this in your mind. Hence, you will be more likely to make the right decision in this operation that will affect your life. You may not always have a second chance when you have a hair transplant. If you have had a bad operation, it will be much more difficult to correct it. It should be known that the most successful hair transplantation operations are obtained by the correct design of the first operation. Turkey is an important center in the world thanks to professionals having a great experience in the field of hair transplant.
But at the same time, with the growth of the sector, you will encounter people seeing this as an opportunity and introduce themselves as a hair transplant specialist although they are not.

All in all, to make the right choice in a country with such successful doctors, you need to do hard research.