Eyebrows Transplantation With The Micro Fue Technique

As we know , the hair- beard-eyebrows transplantation becomes most of the famous thing in the world. The problem of the spilling of the person’s hair can be due to genetic problems, stres in life or sometimes due to some accidents like burning or knife scars , which cause the problem of the unless hair in the area.

That is why the technology has developped its self during the last years to give more best results and to please everybody. We talked before about the hair transplant and beard transplant. In this article, we will explain a little bit more the eyebrows transplant.

The eyebrows transplant can be suitable for the persons between 20-65 years old, in case these persons do not have any dangerous health problems like : Hepatitis C- B or HIV or other disease which can risk the life of each person . In Este Prime Clinic , we pay attention to these things, with making a blood test to everyone before starting the procedure .

So the eyebrows transplant can be done both for men and women , no need for eyebrows tattoo anymore. The hair follicles are taken from the nape back of the head ( donor area) and transplanted in the desired area of the eyebrows , before all of this, the doctor make a shape with the decision of the patient. After taking all the grafts from the nape of the head, a local anesthesia is applied to the eyebrows , the doctor starts to open the channels using the micro Fue method , as known this last do not leave any Marks or scars on the skin, and the period of healing is more fast . As a final thing , the transplantation of the hair follicles starts.

The period of healing is for 10 days , and the full results of the eyebrows is between 3-8 months .
We can add also that the eyebrows hair can be longer due to the use of the hair of the head, and the person must cut it every 2 weeks .