Eye Makeup Guide For Every Beginner

About eye makeup

Eye makeup is one of the cosmetics, used for making your eye more attractive and noticeable to all.
Ladies and stage performers use this type of aesthetic. It plays a very important role in cosmetic and fashion industries.

The easiest eye makeup includes:

• Mascara: – It is a cosmetic, which contains the wax thickener, film-formers, water, and preservatives. It is usually black in color (also comes in different colors and tints). It comes in three forms including cake, cream, and liquid. It is also available in tubes as per its applications.Most of the time used for color, darken, lengthen, thicken or defined eyelashes.

• Eyeshadow: – It is also a cosmetic comes under eye makeup and is applied on eyelids. It is also applied under eyebrows. Because of larger average distance between eyebrows and eyelashes, it makes feminizing effect using pale eye shadow enlarges that area. It can be used by various ways includes by fingers, sponge or brushes. Blending well is the main aspect of applying the eye shadow. It is easy to remove as it can be removed by water and soap. Also, you can use baby oil or olive oil to remove it.

• Eyeliner: – This cosmetic defines eye as it covers the whole eye. Outline of an eye is done by eyeliner,
it is applied along and the above edges of eyelids (where eyelashes grow). It just applied on the half outer part of the eye.
It was available in various types in the market including liquid eyeliner (applied by tiny brush and creates sharpen and precise line), eye pencils (comes in two form powder-based and wax-based, both are in the form of a pencil) and gel eyeliner (it is applied by thin brush).

• Kohl: – It is a black pigment. It is one of the ancient cosmetics, which survives till today in various regions includes the Middle East etc. It was a dark colored powder includes crushed galena or antimony, burnt lead, almond, cupric oxide, ash, malachite, ochre or any others combinations. It has various uses like used as mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow.