Eternal red – classic red lipsticks within a budget

Eternal red – classic red lipsticks within a budget; Red lipsticks have always been a favorite among women for time eternal. There are different tones of red lipsticks for suiting the skin tone of every woman. Different budget brands have come up with variety of formula of the red lipsticks for meeting the demand from women on a tight budget. The following brands have the best budget red lipsticks which you can try.

You can never go wrong with a red lipstick and this is perhaps the reason why time and again red in different hues have remained the top favorite among women of every age. Affording a MAC ruby Woo is not the cup of tea of every woman who also has to think about their budget. But worry not as some of the top budget brands have come up with perfect red lipsticks for you within a budget.


Nyx soft matte lip cream – Monte Carlo

The nyx soft matte range has been a very popular choice among women for its light weight matte formula and the wide range of color choice. These cute little liquid lipsticks are well under ten dollars and Monte Carlo from this range is a beautiful cool toned red that is universally flattering on every woman. The main factor is the confidence to carry a red lipstick that makes a woman beautiful.

Nyx soft matte lip cream - Monte Carlo

Maybelline vivid hot lacquer – classic

Known for their budget beauty products which never compromise on the quality, the latest addition to their vivid range is the vivid hot lacquer. The formula is ultra moisturizing with the consistency of a gloss and pigmentation of a liquid lipstick. The shade “classic” is a truly classic red shade that you can add to your collection if you are looking for moisturizing formula with high density pigmentation.