Designer Ines Di Santo’s Bridal Dresses Are Straight From Your Dreams

As if New York Fashion Week wasn’t already magical enough, the bridal show is absolutely breathtaking. These wedding dresses aren’t off the rack of your local bridal shop, these are the most stunning creations from the world’s top designers. Toronto-based designer Ines Di Santo is the woman behind these beautiful designs that bring floral fantasies to life. The volume, fit and elegantly layered fabrics make for a jaw-dropping dress. Just imagine making your grand entrance wearing one of these gorgeous dresses. A far cry from the traditional bridal dress, Santo’s designs are made to turn heads. And they do.

When Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William in 2011, Santo said, “Kate’s dress will influence so much of the bridal style that we will see over the next few years. It always happens that when a person of royalty or high stature gets married, this sets trends for several years. For example, Diana’s gown and Carolyn Bessette’s gown are two noteworthy brides that come to mind.”

A notable feature of Santo’s designs is that she doesn’t stick to the traditional white palate, bringing in blues, pinks, and other pastel tones. She also loves to experiment with layered looks, including adding nontraditional elements to create unique shapes and silhouettes for the wedding dresses.