Color games: Makeup

Color Games: It is also important to know what colors makeup your eye color as well as how eye makeup needs to be done. Inspired by contrasting colors in your eye.
Blue eyes All earth tones, but especially orange, copper and warm soil tones match the blue eyes. You can use every shade of mud from light to dark. It is great when it meets with the shades of earth, the grubies with the dark blues, and the turquoise eyeliner with the blue mascara.

Skin tones are usually categorized into warm skin tone & cool skin tone.

Warmer skin tones have yellow or golden undertones whereas cool skin tones have blue or pink undertones.Natural and perfect beauty is redefined in the autumn / winter season. We are looking for transparent, bright and shiny words. Undoubtedly every woman as fresh as spring, she aspires to look as good as summer. The whole secret of realizing this request is hidden in makeup.

Minimalist lines If you prefer make-up, make-up, decor life style and do not want exaggeration, minimalist make-up is for you. Skin color and pastel tones, which seem to have no makeup, should form the basis of your makeup. Stay away from dark blotches and eye pens. A slight blush and mascara is enough.

According to the skin tone, decide which natural colors to use. If wheat is skinny, cream or beige tones will make your skin look better. If you have a faded skin color, you can choose peach tones or light pink tones so that skin looks fresher and younger.