Clear skin in a week is now possible with the few handful tips

It is quite easy to have a clear skin in a week. Not only clear but also shining skin. Were you also confused about how to get a clear skin in a week? If yes then you have ended your search at the right place.

The moment you hear that your love is going to date you the next week or when you get to know that your beastie is getting married next week, for sure you would all be on your toes. Even boys may somehow not over react to a greater extent. But girls, needless to say, will take the whole house over their heads. They would be too excited and also they would be worrying about their looks. The most frequent questions for which girls try to seek answers in such situations is how to get a clear skin in a week?

Sit relaxed over your gunny bags and go ahead to know a little secret tips about how to get a clear skin in a week.

Wash your face at least four times a day. Have lots of fruits and veggies. It will help you have a glowing and a shiny face. Apply the oil, which you use, for lamps in your houses over your hands and legs for fifteen minutes and then have a bath. You will get a glowing skin. Drink a lot of water. And smile. For the smile is the best ornament anyone can wear to enhance his or her beauties.

These were a few tips to get clear skin in a week. Hope you enjoy your date or wedding or whatsoever may the occasion be.