The best choices you can get to your foots

Shoe selection ; In the new year, as in everything else, shoe fashion has changed and different trends have taken its place in the showcase. Contrary to last year, this year, less depth and short heeled shoes are preferred. The red shoe selection is the first detail that multiplies the eye on behalf of this year’s shoe selection. Experience the fashion of the new year with a maximum of 7 cm heeled shoes.

If you want your feet to look more elegant and more beautiful, you should leave the socks in a corner. You will say goodbye to the brown, zebra-patterned stockings you wore last year. In short, forget socks. If you want to shape your shoes by wearing red skirts, you can start with a white shoe.

This year, New York fashion week, which is one of the most important fashion centers, had a Salvatore Ferragamo and Miu Miu storm. With these unique selections you can say hello to the summer with lively colors and the latest trends, you will almost reward yourself.

Cat heeled shoes should be part of your style.

Because this is one of the most important trends to mark this year. With these shoes created in a style that can be worn on tights, you will create a perfect style in a new sensation.

The split-platform trend winks at this year’s most preferred shoe style. You will follow one of the most important trends of the new year with these unique pieces, such as Gucci and Balmain, especially where serial production and medium height heels are preferred.

Thin-heeled stilettos, as always, are candidates to become indispensable for fine-ladies this year. By following this trend, one of the sexiest trends that reflects femininity, you can bring your beauty to the forefront.