The best beauty regime for oily skin from your kitchen ingredients

Oily skin can pose much trouble as this skin type has a very peculiar tendency of drastically changing with season. If you are blessed with oily skin, you should master methods of taking care of it as well. You can take good care from ingredients in your kitchen as well. There are face packs and formulas that work wonders on oily skin and yet are simple to make at home.

While oily skin can be a blessing since it does not age fast and hence you would not develop wrinkles in a long time, the oily feel and shine is not very endearing and definitely not something you like to sport all the time. moreover pimple and acne troubles increase more when you have oily skin and finding the right foundation or even skin care products can be a real pain. The following face packs can help with controlling the oiliness.

Oily skin

Fuller earth and orange peel

Grind the orange peel and add it to a paste prepared from rose water and fuller earth. A table spoon of fuller earth, a table spoon of orange peel paste and enough rose water for preparing a thick paste from the earth is all you need. Mix the earth and the peel paste together uniformly and apply this to your face. Leave it on for 30 minute until completely dry and ensure the clay pack does not break. The fuller earth controls oiliness and prevents wrinkles while orange peel is helpful with acne scars and pimples.

Oily skin

Aloe Vera gel

Dilute the fresh gel extracted from aloe Vera plant with rose water and apply this on your face as a custom moisturizer for your oily skin. The aloe Vera gel is light and suitable as a moisturizer for oily skin unless you are allergic to it.