Alzheimer’s is reducing the risk

Alzheimer’s is reducing the risk;
Alzheimer’s is among the most common diseases of our time. Scientists are searching for a way out by doing a lot of research to protect against this disease.

Experts say that walking a pedestrian is absolutely necessary for a healthy life, says that even half an hour’s walk protects you from many diseases. Experts interpret the 30-minute walk’s effect on the body;
Endorphin hormone is released in the first 10 minutes and stress, fatigue disappears.
Body resistance is increasing. The risk of glaucoma is decreasing. In 5 years, Alzheimer’s risk falls to half. Heart rate and blood circulation are rising. Arm shoulder muscles are working. Your abdominal muscles are developing. Bone mass is rising. The feet are getting stronger. The risk of colon cancer in women is reduced by 31%.

We can achieve such positive effects even with a simple walk. Just a 30 minute walk without ever having to do a daily program makes us healthy for life.

Our main recommendations;

Eat foods with organic food, Eat seasonal vegetables, Take care of sugar, Avoid added foods, Cook foods at low temperature, Eat foods such as yogurt and pickles, Low calorie diet, Check your weight, Do exercise and exercise, Organize your sleeping hours, Good to say goodbye to cigarettes and alcohol.