2017 Wedding dresses fashion

What are 2017 wedding dresses fashion? What are 2017 wedding dress trends? To summarize, the new manifestation of modern brides, saying “what we want” out of the “what others want” or “what they say”

Brides and grooms will make a difference in their wedding organizations in 2017 with more modern and personalized details. Weddings will be more intimate, extravagant, natural and fun in alternative venues.

Bohemian wedding dresses come to the forefront in 2017. People do not want to be a salon bride anymore.
So light and fish models are generally preferred. Normally, spilled, flying models are the most preferred.
Besides, the veils are very important. We are very sad because the veils are the hands of the eye.
You should definitely fit the pattern of your bride.
When designing wedding dresses, psychology is very important to us, primarily because the bride does not know what she wants. In addition, it should be noted that there is a wedding dress to be comfortable inside.
We do not particularly go for very trendy or voluminous wedding dresses. The most important issue is that your bride, the bride, reflects her character. It really changes because it’s something really special to the person. But, for example, we do not recommend bouncy models for big-breasted or certain bride candidates. It is very important to choose a wedding dress according to the person’s own personality.
The big bows that are my favorite trends for 2017, the pantone colors in the pastel tones, the lace overalls and the tails attached to the pants will be the preference of brides who want to be different this summer.
Apart from these differences, more bohemian wedding dresses with nude tones in the interior will continue to be available at this moment.

We always want to see natural brides.

The most important element in designing a bridal dress for me is that it is very accurate when it is placed on the body and the bride is very thin. A bride with folds can reveal folds and show thinner and longer with their cut.
The sand clock suggests to the bride nominees of body type cut, fish and straight cut. Thin elbows can also be preferred to fish and straight cuts as well as princess cuts. We recommend a wedding dress, straight-cut or A-cut that flies down to a petite bridal candidate. Candidates of the apple type may also choose to cut A or the princess may go to the fluffy or subtle flapping models. Pear type body shape can also use the same wedding dresses. For the overweight bride-to-be candidates, the A-cut and the down-flowing models are still among the models that should be preferred. We always want to see natural brides 🙂